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Common Center: Move Forward Together

***New Online Interactive Program Starts February 17th***

Valentine's Gift Certificates Available!

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Just imagine for a moment: It's just the two of you on a spring evening at home.   In a different year, you may have gone out on a night like this, but with the pandemic, options are limited.  Perhaps, in the last year, one or both of you would have been flipping through Netflix or scrolling through Social Media on a night like this, in the same space but not really engaged with one another...but tonight is different.  You look across the room and smile. It's a smile of confidence and acceptance,  Anticipation and openness.  Tonight, you get to dance together.  

  Just 6 weeks ago, an evening like this would have been impossible.  One or both of you might have felt insecure and uncertain about moving together..."What if I step on her foot?"..."What if I can't remember the steps?"..."I/he/she/we have no rhythm!"  But now, you have the body awareness, confidence, and sensibility to move together with ease.  

  If this sounds like your desired evening, perhaps Common Center would be right for you.  This interactive online program combines over 18 years of experience teaching partner dancing with mindfulness and performance secrets that champions use to overcome limiting beliefs and show up with confidence.  This program is perfect for those with Zero dance experience, as well as seasoned dancers looking to take their movement to a deeper level.     

What to expect: Awareness, Connection, Confidence...

Movement from popular dances such as Rumba, Tango, and Hustle are adapted to an online format and designed to be practiced in a smaller space like a living room or basement.  What makes the program unique is the emphasis on each partner’s individual responsibilities and body awareness, achieved through very simple yet specific exercises.  The result is a stronger sense of confidence and deeper sense of connection through mindfulness and partner movement.  This program will be suitable for experienced dancers and non-dancers, alike.

"I hate online classes because it's so hard not to fall behind.  What makes this any different?"

We hear you and we feel your pain!  It's so easy to sign up with the best of intentions and then fall off the rails after one or two sessions, if even starting at all.  The feeling of failure afterwards can make us wish we would have never even enrolled in the first place.  For this reason, we have put several "helps" in place (see below) AND you can try the program Risk-Free through the end of February with our money-back guarantee!  

And now for the details...


Wednesday February 17-Wednesday March 17th

Live Sessions? Recorded Sessions? or Both?

Join us Live online 7:30-8:10pm EDT on Wednesday, February 17  for our Opening Ceremony and Onboarding session.  Here, we will do a movement warmup together, introduce the first bit of material in more detail, and take your questions live and in real time!  We will continue to meet Live every Wednesday at 7:30pm for the duration of the program and these sessions will also be Recorded.  This is the best time to interact with us, ask questions, and get individualized attention.  Wednesday March 17th at 7:30 pm will be our Live Closing Ceremony where you will be able to celebrate together completing this amazing 5-week journey with your fellow participants.  You will be amazed at the camaraderie that develops when working together in a program like this.

So, what happens in between the live sessions?

This is where the journey really starts to unfold...We have been busy at work preparing Four detailed video lessons to work hand-in-hand with the live sessions.  Work through these videos daily with your partner and experience the confidence that only comes through intentional and specific repetition.

We will also have daily challenges for those who are really ready to go all-in and experience a massive breakthrough.

All Wednesday sessions will be Recorded.  This means that those who can't make the live sessions can get the same material at a time that works for them and all participants will have an archive to reference.

Now, you may be wondering what kind of investment a program like this will be, with all of the interaction and live attention from professional dancers.  We will get to that in a moment, but first we would like to tell you about the bonuses you will get by signing up today...

Bonus Support Opportunities to Further Your Success:

Bonus #1: Private Coaching Session ($104 value).  Each couple will also receive a private 40-minute online coaching session from a certified professional dance teacher to gain even more clarity and tailor the material to your bodies.

Bonus #2: Common Center Warmup Videos ($97 Value).  Get instant access to our innovative warmup library. Follow-along Beginner through Advanced warmups are designed to get the body and mind ready for each practice session.  Do these daily and utilize the suggestions within to tailor each exercise to your ability level and get you feeling success from the get-go.

Bonus #3 ($197 value): Exclusive Private FaceBook Community and Group Coaching:

"No man (woman, couple) is an island," as John Donne so eloquently put it. 

It's easy to fall off the wagon or slip through the cracks in an online course.  We get it.  Ensure completion and success by interacting in our private Facebook group.   Daily challenges will take only a few minutes but add massive value to your experience and further guarantee your success.  Receive positive and inspiring quotes and tips, post your questions (through video or text) about the lessons for quick feedback.  Share some love by leaving positive comments to cheer each other on and receive the same on your posts.

At this point, you may just want to hear the total and decide if this is right for you.  We have been there too.  If you're doing the math in your head and guesstimating the cost of two professionals guiding you through a proven movement course with Live feedback, Individual attention, a library of bonuses, and money-back guaranteed success in building your confidence, body-awareness, and connection, you would be right to assume the value of this program around $1,298.  But because we so deeply desire to get this work out to the world and want YOU to help us share with others this amazing experience, we are asking today for only the investment of $147 USD.  And because we have designed this program exclusively for couples, your investment today of $147 USD will enroll not one, but Both of you in this exciting journey.  

Now, before you hit the "Buy Now" Button below, we are going to go ahead and overdeliver once more...Enroll before Valentine's Day and get a personalized gift certificate sent right to your email box.  That's right, for less than the cost of a fancy dinner, give your partner an experience that will last a lifetime.  Click the button below to enroll right away!

Still on the fence?...

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