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Common Center

The Full Story

What I Hear, I Forget.

What I See, I Remember.

What I Do, I Understand.

-Ancient Chinese Proverb


Couples, have you felt the desire to connect on a deeper level and bring more harmony to your household and to those around you?


Men, do you ever feel stuck in your head trying to “figure out” what she’s asking of you, or trying something only to find it doesn’t land?  Are to tired of trying to play “fix-it”?


Ladies, are you desiring to connect with him but want to feel safe and supported enough to do so?  Are you wishing he would “step up and hold that space for you?”


Friends, You are NOT ALONE!  


Have you tried hard already?

There are literally thousands of relationship books, programs, retreats, webinars, gurus, and the like.  There is so much information out there that it can be stifling.  And what if we try some of them and end up worse than when we started?  What then?


Maybe you have tried some of them with marginal success or  have walked away from an amazing workshop only to find life returning back to “normal” within a few days or weeks?  What does it take to create lasting change?  If we are honest, many of us are looking for that next piece of information that will make everything else fall into place, that magic pill that will forever change us.  But with every book or workshop comes the same cycle of motivation, excitement, and then settling back into routine, waiting for the next motivation.


But what if it didn’t have to be that way?  What if we CAN create lasting change in our lives, change that we can take into our families, our businesses, our social circles, and truly show up as the best version of ourselves in ALL of these arenas?  


What if the solution is not a magic pill or a piece of information.  What if it’s something much simpler and much more powerful.  What if it’s all-natural and can produce instant results yet continue to improve and deepen over a lifetime? 


So, how can this help you?

With this newfound success, the first questions I started asking asking myself were, “how can people learn these things right away with little or no dance experience?” How can people benefit from this work even if they have little to no interest in dance?”  And “How can I bring this work to people in relationship and team-building workshops?”  

From these questions, Common Center was born.


I set to work with people of many different backgrounds, many ages, with different types of relationships. I worked with people online and in-person.  I worked with couples, singles, and teams.  I asked them about their experiences.  I knew I was getting somewhere when a groom-to-be looked squarely at me and said, “This is better than couples therapy!”  


Many people are finding through our Common Center program the level of connection and self-discovery they have desired for years.  Men who are finally able to stop overthinking  and start doing and connecting.  Ladies who are able to feel supported and heard, and all of that often starts within minutes.


So, what’s the big secret? Common Center is not a new piece of information.  It’s in a simple practice that anyone at any age can do.  All it takes is the right guidance, support, and space to apply it.  But, before enrolling yourself, your partner, or your group, let's make sure this program is right for you.   Click below for a free consultation.  

So, how did I get here?

Well, before I tell you about this fantastic solution, let’s talk about how I stumbled upon it in the first place.  Being a natural peacemaker, I have always had a strong desire to help people connect and understand each other.  In my early 20’s, I got a job teaching couples and singles to dance.  I eventually went on to become a professional DanceSport competitor for 10 years, win titles and work with many companies for staged productions, but that’s a story for another time.  What I started to notice early on in this job was the common ways that couples interacted while learning to dance and how I could see them play out off the floor as well.  I could tell that many couples had a sincere desire to connect but there was something standing in the way, almost like a physical barrier.  I could see frustration in them and I could feel it arising in myself whenever I came across this in my own partnerships.  


After a few years and a great deal of disappointment, I was ready to throw in the towel on dancing, on teaching, cut my losses and walk away.  It was then that I met a gentleman who would forever change my life in one weekend.  This gentleman worked with world-class performers to bring out their best. In fact, he was then coaching the current 3-time world champions!  I was at the edge of my seat!  As I listened to him speak and tried the work he was giving me, I knew this was something different.  I was finally learning to think and act in a new way and it was glorious!  In a short amount of time, I was able to learn how to truly meet my partners on the floor, how to be present for them and hold space for them, how to be strong, yet sensitive.  Needless to say, this work started to translate off the floor as well.  I could be more confident and more present with friends and family members.  I could accomplish tasks with greater focus and less distraction.  This was a dream come true!

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